How To Get Your Kids to Listen, Have More Friends, and Be Motivated to Succeed in School and Life

In 60 Days or Less, Without Nagging, Yelling, or Bargaining

Self Control

Self Control is the greatest gift you can give to your child.  It is the single largest determining factor for success


Communication determines how easily your child will navigate their way though society, and the world at large.  Good communication will reduce frustration, and enables them to advocate for themselves.


Motivation gives your teen the incentive to overcome the obstacles in life.  It enables them to be an over-comer, and achieve more in their career, family, and community.

Exactly What to Say And Do To Turn Your Children Into Respectful People Headed for Successful Lives!

  • Stop the outbursts and arguments
    You’ll learn the psychology of the difficult child, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to get your kid to be motivated and show respect
    Ever wonder how other parents seem to put in less effort and have better-behaved kids? Discover how they do it.
  • Turn your home from a battleground into a sanctuary
    One simple trick to staying calm and teaching your kids to do the same, plus a special way to get kids to do chores without being told!

Defiant kids make your life difficult and leave you feeling frustrated and isolated. It’s tiring and demoralizing to continually correct behaviors your child seems dead-set on repeating. Finally there’s a way you can get them to accept your help!


We love our son, and we want only the best for him. But for a long time he was self-destructive and refused any all help from us. We spent well over $50k on therapies, programs, and counselling. We’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t, and we can help you, no matter how difficult your child is right now, or how many diagnoses they have.

We share the tools and techniques that work — the ones that will get your teen to do their homework and chores, follow your rules, and act in a responsible and age-appropriate manner.